Thailand - Chiang Mai


I've been on quite the whirlwind journey. I've been so many places since my last entry that I'm becoming slightly confused as to what path I've taken.

We travelled to Ayuthaya by train, hired bicycles and spent the day visiting as many of the beautiful old temple ruins as we could. We had lunch at the most adorable little place and I had what I truly believe was the best Pad Thai I've ever tasted. :)

After only one day...we again boarded a train to Nakhon Ratchasima, where we then hopped quickly onto a bus bound for Phimai. Same as Ayuthaya...we spent one day enjoying the small town. We visited the oldest Banyan tree in Thailand, had a spectacular swim at our guest house during a torrential downpour and spent a short time exploring another beautiful old temple.

We then hopped another bus to Talad Kae, then another to Khon Kaen, another to Pitsanalok and YET ANOTHER to Suhkothai where we spent a relaxing couple days exploring ever more temple ruins on hired bicycles. I have to admit that the ruins in Suhkothai were, thus far, my favorite. They are a fair distance from the new city and our day was incredibly quiet and peacful as we pedaled from one to another. I would love to someday return and spend more time sitting in front of the largest Buddha I've ever seen. Awe-inspiring...

After Suhkothai, we climbed aboard another bus to Chiang Mai where we spent a couple days recovering from our week of nonstop bus travel. :)

Finally...we just returned from a three day trek into the hills of Northern Thailand. We stayed with hilltribes the last two nights, last night being the most enjoyable. We stayed at a small village of native Palong Tribe people. Among other things...I rode an elephant..right there on his neck with his massive muscles shifting beneath me. WOW! And today we rode down the river on bamboo rafts. THAT was quite the experience as our raft was nearly nonexistent by the time we reached our destination...but I loved every drenched minute of it!! time has run out. We are leaving for Laos tomorrow morning, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to post another entry.

Until and kisses!