Laos - Vang Vieng

After a few days here, preceded by a few days in Luang Prabang, we are once again packing our backpacks and boarding a bus. Tomorrow we leave for Vientiane and shortly thereafter, back down to Bangkok.

This is the smallest, sleepiest little place we've been. is all of Laos. Unfortunately, I scarcely left our room as I've been quite ill for the last four days. I considered going to a local hospital...but after much deliberation, decided it would be wiser to wait until Bangkok.

Patrick's been taking excellent care of me...feeding me grapefruits, making sure I'm drinking enough water and tolerating my feverish delirium! What can I say?...I'm a very lucky girl. taught him well. ;)

I love Laos and am sorry that so much of my time here was spent in bed. Perhaps that simply means that I'll have to return...someday. ;)


I've posted a few pics in my gallery section...just in case you hadn't found those yet. ;)