Thailand - Bangkok we are in the bustling center of Thailand. We arrived by bus early this morning.

I completed my Open Water course on Koh Phi-Phi a few days ago. I had a few minor setbacks, but thoroughly enjoyed my course nonetheless. I passed my final exam with a surprising 92%! Not bad, eh? More importantly...I admittedly fell instantly in love with Scuba Diving. Similar to sky-diving...if you've never been'll never know. Lucky for all of you...I put my new toys to the test and have a few fun underwater images to share. I even filmed a few short mpg's. :)

Patrick and I visited the weekend market here in Bangkok today. NOT the place for those who fear crowds. And Zippy learned a very painful and expensive lesson about bustling crowds in Thailand. I fell victim to a pickpocket and, sadly, lost somewhere around 12,000 Baht. That translates to something close to $300 US. OUCH! I spent a good while pouting and beating myself up for not being more aware...but in the's only money, and I have little choice but to accept my misfortune and move on. Patrick has been an absolute doll about it, treated me to a cold drink, a lovely new scarf and a snazzy new money belt to prevent further disappointment. Had I been alone...I surely would've withered into an unrecognizable heap of tears.

We'll be here until the 16th when we climb onto yet another bus to Ayuthaya. We'll be there for a day..and then we travel on...slowly making our way through Northeastern Thailand and eventually to Chiang Mai. Our plans are somewhat indefinite at this point. But we are solidifying them more and more everyday.

I'll continue to post these little updates whenever possible. For now...I do believe a nice, cold Chang Beer is in order!

Big hugs!