Thailand - Koh Phi-Phi

After a ten hour bus ride from KL to Hat Yai...another five to Krabi in the tiniest little van, packed with Swedish and Norwegian students...then a quick jaunt by ferry to this incredibly beautiful little island... I finally feel as though I've arrived. :)

There are no vehicles here...only bicycles and a maze of brick walkways winding their way through town. Adorable thai children and an overabundance of kittens greet you at every turn. We found a sweet little room, just off the beach and a short walk from the heart of town.

Today delivered a break...but it's the rainy season here, so yesterday was quite wet. The sky would simply open up and dump half of itself upon us without warning. I LOVED IT!

Most notably...this is where Patrick felt I should complete my open-water scuba that's precisely what I am doing. Today was my first day in the water. WOW! It's alot to learn...but I'm doing far better than I imagined I might. I caught glimpses of what's to come, even in the shallow water of today's lessons. Tomorrow I'll be in deeper water...and Patrick won't be far away, so I get to see him in action! Should be quite the experience!

Oddly enough...I feel right at home here. No culture shock...for which I am quite thankful. The squat toilets took me a moment to comprehend...but that confusion was rather short lived. ;) The manual flush toilets and cold showers are just part of everyday life here and took very little time to adjust to. And the temperature...even during the torrential downpour, has been perfectly pleasant. I enjoy the humidity. My hair curls into little ringlets beside my ears and I require no ties to hold my braid in place. This climate suits me..but I imagine it would suit just about anyone. ;)

Patrick seems to glow forever...just as most everyone else here. It's the glistening on the forehead and the subtley rosy cheeks. Having him at my side is an entirely new kind of which I cannot even begin to attempt to articulate.

I've been taking photos..but won't likely be able to post them until we arrive in Bangkok.'ll just have to trust me...this place is unbelievably gorgeous.

Simply put...I haven't a complaint, don't forsee any arising any time soon and I've never felt so relaxed.

Until next time....Sawas dee kah...