Thailand - Koh PhaNgan

Finally...we've reached an incredibly relaxed stage in our venture.

We've been on this island for just under a week now and we just moved into the sweetest little bungalow, with an unmatched view of the sunset over the ocean. Our first place was more lively...full of rowdy folks, all here for the full-moon party on the tenth.

The party was...interesting. Patrick and I shared a 'bucket'...which is really better described as a 'drunket'. The things seem to be quite popular here...and in most of Thailand, for that matter. Basically...take a little plastic beach bucket...empty a full bottle of whiskey, a single Coke and a RedBull into it and top it off with handful of ice and a few straws. :) Our evening had some exceptional moments...but I'll refrain from listing them all. ;)

We plan on staying here until around the sixteenth or so. We'd love to stay even longer...but we still have Cambodia and Vietnam to tackle before Patrick heads home on the 27th. :(

Regardless...I will do my best to keep everyone informed as to our whereabouts.

Also...there seems to something quirky at work with my if you need to contact me, please try lilzippee @ (remove the spaces...obviously;)...

Until next time...