Drudging through it...

I know it's been far too long since I've posted anything. And I'm not entirely sure anyone even reads these things. But I still think it's long overdue.

I'm slowly building a makeshift life for myself back here in Marin. I would so much prefer to be settling in up North, but I've had to put that on hold for awhile. With the help of my lovely Patrick, I've decided to emigrate to Canada...a process which I'm learning is painfully slow. Unfortunately, I won't be allowed to move to Vancouver until my application has been accepted. Makes sense, of course. Although I'm far less than pleased with the estimated 12-18 month processing time...I'm doing my best to make good use of it. I've also decided to postpone my application to Emily Carr, as it'll be far more affordable if I wait until I'm a landed immigrant. I'm disappointed...I've been dreaming about it for two years now. But I think it's necessary. I'm inclined to say...'everything happens for a reason'...but that cliche is beyond tired at this point. I just have to trust that I'm making the right choices.

For the time being, I'm staying with Mirm and Stephen and acting as their live-in Nanny. I love it! Spending time with the boys is incredibly therapeutic. New baby Aiden smiles at me with recognition and the rest of the world just falls away. And a hug from Skyler, complete with a dramatic kiss on the cheek, will always make my day. I appreciate the chance to spend time with Mirm and Stephen as well. For the first time in my life...I can actually call my big sister...my friend. And they are so incredibly gracious with their already cramped space. Without fail, they make sure that I am well-fed and comfortable. I'll never know how to properly show them my gratitude. So, for now, alleviating a bit of the stress of having two young boys is the least I can do. I'm so fortunate to have such a supportive family....a fact that I am accutely aware of.

I am also working part time at Borders, processing inventory. I arrive painfully early...and I'm done by 11am. Surprisingly, I enjoy it. I've been responsible for shelving books in the Art, Photography and Travel section. Anyone who knows me would understand how fabulous that is. But my measely wage of $8/hr is definitely not worth the effort I put forth. Granted...I get a considerable discount, but that does nothing to fatten my wallet. On the contrary, it encourages me to spend the few pennies I make. Sneeky bastards! I'm looking for something more lucrative. Ahh...the joys of sending out endless resumes and cover letters...groveling for crumbs. I have considerable experience in Accounting...so I should be able to find something that pays fairly well. Crossing my fingers on that one!

I have also been actively searching for a new little car. Well...an OLD car that runs would be spectacular. But, as we all know, finding a reliable vehicle for less than $1000 is anything but easy. I'm determined, however! Hopefully the end of this weekend will see me in a quaint little Honda of some sort. This county is almost impossible to navigate without owning a car. Seriously...the public transportation system is want for improvement, to put it lightly.

I am also taking a couple classes at the College of Marin. I'm extremely excited about both of them...which comes as a bit of a surprise. I'm taking Creative Writing and Composition II. One to inspire...the other for structure. Structured writing truly scares me, but my professor seems quite approachable. She's sarcastic and young and incredibly thorough. I like that. And I think this class is going to be really good for me. I am the perpetual student, it would seem. I love learning...

So...I think that's about it for now. Granted...I miss Patrick, which I neglected to mention previously. It's just presumed though...isn't it? I could write volumes about him and everything that he inspires in me. But...I think I'll save those sentiments for him. ;)

Until next time....