Happy New Year!

Another year gone...and what an incredible year it has been!

I am in North Vancouver, at present. The temperature is a chilly minus 5 Degrees Celcius and it has been snowing since I arrived on December 27th. Though I am not fully equipped for such weather...I am thoroughly enjoying it! It has been so long since I've felt snowflakes on my cheeks!

I have the priveledge of spending my days at Patrick's parent's house in Deep Cove. They live right on the water in one of the most lovely homes I've ever stepped foot into. Patrick works quite alot...so I've had a fair amount of time to chat with his parents, Graham and Josee, and get to know them a little bit better. They've been more than hospitable, inviting me to join them for family dinners and taking me to the movies. As Patrick pointed out, his parents get to spend more time with me than he does!

On Tuesday we will be driving into the Interior to a place called Sun Peaks. Patrick enjoys surprising me with such things! This time...it's part of his Christmas gift to me. I get to learn how to ski...and who better to teach me than Patrick himself! Should be quite the interesting experience!

We enjoyed a fairly mellow New Year's Eve celebration at a club in downtown Vancouver. Thankfully, a few of our friends stayed in town rather than hopping over to Victoria, so we were in very good company!

Welcome 2004!