Still breathing...

Little by little I'm working it out.

I've got a car! Yep...Craigslist is a wonderful thing. Mirm and Stephen loaned me the money to purchase it. Once again...they've saved me. I'm now driving a cute 1986 VW Jetta. I can't say that I would ever have chosen this car had I the luxury of being picky. I suppose I just gravitate more towards Hondas. But it's a good little car and it gets me where I need to I'm nowhere close to complaining. The acquisition of a vehicle changes everything in this county. Now that I am mobile...I'm about ten times more employable than I was previously, not to mention the marked difference in my overall mood. :)

On Thursday night, Liz, Joseph and I are hopping into a car and driving North for the weekend. I get to see my lovely Patrick!!!!!!!!!!!! And they get to experience Vancouver. I know they'll love it! :)

That's about it. Hopefully next time I'll have better news. Must find job...home...job...home....job...home.

Wish me luck!