Hope Renewed...

In this moment, upon which so much pivots, in which hope has found a new place in my perception....I can say with genuine glee and gusto that I am, once again....PROUD to be an American.

I watched the results unfold from a cozy seat among eager Canadians intimately gathered at Grace Gallery on Main Street here in Vancouver. Realizing that we were but one of many such gatherings around the world made me feel at once proud and connected, for the first time in more than 8 years. I have held my head in shame for too long now. It feels good to declare my citizenship out loud without bracing myself for the defense. Feels good to see the tiniest glimmer of a cautious faith in democracy beginning to grow. 
And so, tonight, I tip my hat to President Barack Obama, who I believe is sufficiently determined, capable and willing to roll up his sleeves and dig us out of this mess. May his actions truly match his intentions and may his ideals survive the White House.
Tonight, I'll sleep soundly.