Occupy Together

'Common Ground'

The world is stirring...history unfolding beneath our feet, before our eyes. Inspired by the OWS movement, I started writing a song. It quickly became more of a poem...a poetic commentary...my take on the issues we face.

So...here it is...my small contribution on this day of solidarity...

'Common Ground'

everything has gone awry a great divide has grown between the hands that hoard the pie and the measly crumbs we're thrown

they enjoy their privileged lives while our homes are foreclosed their keeping us in line with all the wealth that they withhold

they profit off our ignorance expecting us to play the part of obedient indifference robots, with shopping carts

well-designed to distract and keep us misinformed the media's been hijacked by those who bank offshore

they've poisoned our sea and sky through oil-driven greed they contaminate our food supply with their modified seeds

they've stolen our autonomy and our right to choose they perpetuate inequality through narrow-minded rules

they've made health a business selling pills to those in need they benefit from illness growing rich off our disease

we know it won't be long before they try to buy our souls before our lives have been withdrawn exchanged, for fool's gold

they've kept us on our knees believing change would never come but down on wall street the revolution's just begun

we're waking from our slumber it's time to stand up strong take back what they have plundered we've held our tongues too long

we'll shout until our cause is heard the whole world 'round... they may tie our hands, but our voices cannot be bound... something's gotta give...the wall has gotta come down... ...we all deserve to live on common ground...