...still breathing....

Hello all!

I am currently without internet access...so my entries will likely be far more sparse. The trade off is acceptable, however, as I finally have a home. For the first time in six months, I have a door to close on the world, a space to call my own. Granted...my four walls house little more than a futon, my clothes and myself...but it is an incredibly liberating feeling.

True to life...complications have arisen. But I seem to be surviving, regardless. Tokyo is a forever changing backdrop...and I am endlessly intrigued by it's intricacies. This place keeps you on your toes, allows no room for slounching into one's routine and drifting through. I appreciate how humbling it's chaos can be, and I am by no means exempt from it's effect. It is at once uplifting and degrading...a fantastic juxtaposition of exciting and horrifying. Oddly enough...I like it.

Off subject...I have posted two new albums. I still have sooo many images to share and I have every intention of doing so...just as soon as the universe permits. ;)

And, most importantly...I wanted to wish my beautiful Patrick a Happy Birthday! Yes...I know I am slightly early, but here in Tokyo...I'm right on time! I only wish I could be there with you to smother you in kisses and shower you with compliments. Granted...I don't reserve those for special occasions! ;)

Until next time...