Out of my hands...

So...I was beginning to think it would never happen. Complications were many and the universe seemed bent on postponing things. Patience won out in the end, however, and I can finally say that my Application for Permanent Residence is in the hands of the powers that be at Canadian Immigration. I am both nervous and relieved. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best. Perhaps now I can actually refocus my energy and remember how to be an artist...musician...and all the other things I seem to have forgotten over the last six months.

As I've said before...not much changes here in Seattle. My routine remains the same...weekdays in Washington, weekends in British Columbia. Caleigh is growing fast...almost walking and developing a stubborn streak that rivals my own. It's a challenge...but I am learning how to stretch my patience. And the rewards far outweigh the struggle. She's a sweetheart and expert cuddler! I would post a photo of her gorgeous little face, but her mother has requested that I respectfully refrain. I assure you though...I've taken hundreds of pictures! She looks alot like Ariana did at this age...painfully adorable with her big blue eyes and heartbreaker smile. It's true...I've completely fallen in love with this child. :)

And now...I'm conflicted. Do I remain in Seattle for the next six months? Or do I pack myself up and make the inevitable move to BC? Of course, I want nothing more than to finally be close to Patrick, but I also feel compelled to do the responsible thing and stay here for awhile. Another six months would allow me to pay off my new car, save a little cash and move to BC completely debt free. Then there's the alternative...the estimated processing time for my application is 6-12 months and I've been told by the Canadian Consulate that I am free to move to BC on a visitor or work visa during that time. I have an interview this Saturday with a family in Cloverdale, a city just twenty minutes North of the Canadian border, that is looking for a Nanny to start in October. I figure I'll at least meet them and give myself a chance to really determine what my viable options are. It's tempting, to say the least. But so is the notion of paying off my car before making my move. It's a tough one...but I'll work it out eventually.

It's a beautiful, sunny day. I think I'll strap Caleigh into her stroller, slather on the sunscreen and go for a stroll. Anyone care to join me?