Canadian in Training

So...after much deliberation, I've decided to stay in Seattle through the end of January. Less than two weeks from today I'll be saying goodbye to my apartment & sending my bed to live in Vancouver. Lucky bed! I'll remain here, staying with Holly & Caleigh during the week and continuing my weekly jaunt up I-5 to spend my weekends with Patrick.

I have to admit, I'm none too pleased about the prospect of another five months of this, but I truly believe that it's in my best interest. I've renegotiated my contract so that I will not be paid any less, nor will I be charged rent, in exchange for assuming further responsibility regarding house-keeping. This will allow me to pay off my car AND save a few bucks for my imminent move North. This really was the only logical decision...but that didn't make it any easier.

Still, regardless of this delay, I am making myself more and more at home in BC. It's the little things that make the weekly transition less traumatic. I've joined a gym two blocks from Patrick's apartment, acquired a Canadian cell-phone and opened a Canadian bank account. And, slowly but surely, I'm rebuilding some semblence of a social life up there. I really am Canadian in Training, as Patrick once referred to me. :)

BC is the home that I covet....Seattle is merely a transitory step. At least it's beautiful here, making this wait far more tolerable than it might have been.