There is a stillness – a palpable silence – so alluringly sweet in the midst of this world's noise and busy movement.

Stop a moment.

Pause... still.

Take a breath and LOOK.

Allow yourself to be drawn in – to that seemingly simple daisy on the sidewalk's edge – that dandelion puff that reminds you of childhood wishes – that spider's web that catches the light just so. 

Look – and then...look a little closer.

There are beautifully impermanent spheres of liquid light that rest upon leaves in morning – that gather on petals after rainfalls – that cling to the fuzzy backsides of caterpillars and moths and blades of grass.

There are watery jewels, perfect spheres that glimmer like tiny, crystal balls, reflecting and refracting light, casting miniature rainbows as they sit on the frilly edges of kale and tree-like tops of broccoli.

There are spiders with inquisitive eyes that stare, alert and unflinching...

• purposeful honey bees with pollen-heavy legs •

• tenacious ants, harvesting aphid honeydew • 

• shiny ladybugs, metallic beetles, baby grasshoppers and roly-polies •

• dragonflies with iridescent wings and intricate eyes that perch, mechanical in their movement.

There are extraordinary patterns in ice...

• perfect geometries in snowflakes and flowers and the tiniest of succulents •

• immaculate spirals, unfurling and uncurling, in seashells and squash blossoms and bean sprouts.

There is delicate architecture, expertly woven, strung between branches...on doorways and forgotten corners. 

There are provocative textures in wood and leaf and stone...

• prickly thorns that protect and dissuade •

• soft, velveteen buds that invite you to climb inside.

There is so much LIFE in all those seemingly mundane places you rush past every day – just beneath the surface – right under your nose.

Pause a moment...

• be present with your surroundings.

There are entire universes just waiting for you to notice...