Brand Cohesion

For any business, creative or otherwise, crafting a cohesive visual brand is an essential part of smart marketing. Having a consistent photographic style throughout your promotional material – both online and in print – speaks volumes to potential customers. 

I enjoy creating strong, supportive imagery for my clients – photos that wordlessly convey their stories, invite you into their spaces, celebrate their products and offer intimate glimpses into who they are. 


Flora and I have been working together for many years. Our respective crafts are wonderfully synergistic – naturally complimentary and mutually supportive. We've collaborated on both still projects and videos – instructional, promotional & creative – as well as her newest book: Creative Revolution. Her visual brand is now largely built around imagery we've created together, as clearly demonstrated by her beautiful website. I'm proud to say, not only is she my greatest client, she's also one of my dearest friends. When you work as intimately as we have, with as much grace and ease as we do, you naturally grow to adore one another. Our professional relationship has become the benchmark towards which I strive with all my clients. 

I’ve had the immense pleasure and honor of working closely with Zippy for the past six years. In addition to exquisitely documenting my painting workshops all over the world, she has also created numerous short videos and ecourses that have no doubt turned thousands of people onto my work. I’m thrilled to say my latest book, Creative Revolution, also features all of Zippy’s gorgeous photography — truly making the pages sing! As a creative business owner, there is truly nothing more valuable than having high quality photography and videography to convey the message, quality and voice behind my work. I can’t imagine anyone I would rather work with. Zippy is THE BEST.
— Flora Bowley

Kelly Rae Roberts • Possibilitarian, Accidental Artist, Teacher & Author

Kelly Rae is one of the most prolific artists I know. It's impossible to spend time with her and not feel totally inspired. Working with her to create images for her website was not only effortless and enjoyable but also deeply empowering. I'm sincerely honored to know that such a well-respected artist trusts me to convey her story. I always look forward to my sessions with KRae! 

Not only am I a huge fan of Zippy’s work, but I adore working with her. She is kind, patient, has the best ideas, but perhaps most importantly, she sees and captures what we often don’t see ourselves: our own brilliance and magnificence. I am forever grateful for being seen in this way. It changes everything.
— Kelly Rae Roberts