Yummy Sunshine!

Today is spectacularly sunny and wonderfully warm. I have to admit that my mood seems to be directly linked to the weather, becoming heavy and somber when it's overcast and conversely light and cheery when the sky is blue. If this is what summers are like in Vancouver...then I seem to have landed in the perfect city. :)

I haven't much news to report...things remain virtually the same. Granted, I've relaxed into my leisurely existence here much more than when last I posted. Everything is softened by time, including my disposition. Thankfully, I've found a comfortable acceptance regarding my immigration process. I can do nothing but wait and I'm learning how to do so, gracefully. As with anything...practice makes perfect.

I do want to inform anyone who visits this space regularly that my site will be relocating to a new server sometime in the next few days. I can't say precisely when, nor can I estimate how long it will be down, but it will be unavailable during this move. This also means that I will not be receiving email at my site address. If you have an alternate email addy for me, please use that instead.

I'll be sure to post again as soon as my site is reactivated! Until then...take care and Dream Well....