Tokyo, Japan

I`m not sure I fully comprehend just yet...but I`m finally here.

As I watched the city unfold through the window of the hit me just how long I`ve been waiting for this. After postponing for so long, I am feeling understandably overwhelmed. The last week has been a bit of an emotional whirlwind, although it`s difficult to really say why. Of course, losing the company one Patrick Douglas had alot to do with it. Couple that with the inevitable anxiety that comes with moving to a completely new city...on the opposite side of the planet. Makes for one, distracted Zippy.

To some degree, I regret not exploring more of Taipei while I was there. But I felt it necessary to give myself a bit of a break before diving into the fast-paced life that surely awaits me here in Tokyo. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay the company of some incredible friends. Some new and some that I met almost two years ago, during my first visit to Victoria, BC. They`ve made quite a life for themselves in Taiwan. It was tempting to scrap my whole Japan plan and find a job teaching in Taipei. Perhaps I will do just that someday...but Japan has been in the works for too long. I need to do this...or I will always wonder....

I arrived at the Shinjuku Station, and began my search for a locker large enough to fit my ridiculously oversized pack. As fate would have it...there were no vacant lockers. So, rather than trekking through the chaotic, packed streets with my 22.3 kilo. bag, I just stood there for awhile. I was, admittedly, mesmerized by the scene before me. So many people...moving in every direction. I had to wonder how they all avoided running into eachother. I think I must`ve been there for about a half hour before, at last, someone returned to a locker and removed their belongings, freeing it up for yours truly. I can`t tell you the relief that comes with the removal of that pack. Really, Zippy, what were you thinking buying an 80 Litre pack!! I tell you...I`ve learned my lesson regarding packing light.

At the moment, I am sitting on the third floor of the Virgin Megastore, waiting for the lovely Kaila. This hip, little cafe offers free use of the internet as long as you purchase something. Granted, a small coffee runs about 360Yen, or, roughly $3. As far as I`ve heard...that`s par for the course here. I`ve landed in one expensive city. What a strange contrast. Two weeks ago...that same $3 covered one nights stay in a guesthouse and part of a meal for two. My head is spinning...

I was on the verge of tears all morning. I think exhaustion (birthday weekend festivities) didn`t help matters. But now that I`m here...I`m finally feeling good about things. It`ll be nice to stop moving for awhile. Maybe I can even unpack! I`m looking forward to finding my own little niche here. Thankfully, I`ve got Kaila. She`s been such an incredible help thus far...storing my `Japan Bag` while I traveled with Patrick. We also plan on looking into renegotiationg her lease so that we share the room she currently occupies. Rent here is ludicrously expensive, so it would benefit both of us. Let`s just hope she can tolerate a `live-in Zippy`, as she calls it!

Tomorrow...I hit the streets in search of a job. I hope to have secured one by Friday. Wish me luck!

Until next time...