Surreal Seattle...

Despite a harrowing trip up, I made it safely to Washington. Of course...I have Patrick to thank for that. As always...he saved me.

I'm on a computer at the Seattle public library with limited time, so I'll refrain from going into much detail.

Long story short...I had a little bitty accident involving an overturned U-Haul trailer. Thankfully, I escaped with little more than extremely rattled nerves and a slightly sad looking bumper.

I'm finally starting to really settle in up here. It took a few days for me to really comprehend that I'm actually here. As far as employment is concerned, I have three interviews tomorrow and several other prospects in the works. I'm not worried...I know I'll have a job in a few days time. And I love my apartment! It's sunny and quaint. I have the master bedroom with my own attached half-bath. And...would you believe I'm only paying $375!!!! I can hardly believe it myself...but I'm absolutely thrilled about it!

Perhaps loveliest of all...I live only 140 miles from Patrick! :) I'm driving up to see him on Wednesday evening. :):):)

Today is absolutely gorgeous. Whoever said it rains 100% of the time here was grossly misinformed. The sky is blue...I can see Mount Washington with incredible clarity...and I left my jacket at home. :) is good. I think I'm going to like it here....