Quick fix...

I've finally got my internet active at home, although I don't yet have any form of virus protection or even a firewall, so I use it as little as possible. Regardless...I wanted to post a quick update as I know a few people frequently check for them.

(Hello Nanny! ;) I love you...)

The saga with my car continues. My Jetta is on its last leg...but I've found a gorgeous little 2001 Honda Civic that, provided all goes as planned, will be mine by the end of the week! Granted...this means I'll be making monthly payments towards my loan, something I had hoped to avoid, but reliability is well worth the added expense.

All is going well with both of my jobs...the weather is turning lovely...I'd have to say that I truly have no complaints. :)

I also want to congratulate my Patrick. As of this evening...he will officially be a Certified Scuba-Diving Instructor. As I type this, he is in the water completing his final examinations. True to form...he is passing the tests with flying colors. Yes...it's as true as it is obvious...I am undeniably proud and so impressed by his tenacity. He inspires me...baffles me...makes me smile genuinely and always. ...I am a very lucky girl. ;)

It's a gorgeous day...and I think I'll venture out! I hope the universe is treating all of you well! :)