Keep on keepin' on...

Seattle is gray today. Overcast...drizzle...blah.

Monday's have become a whole new kind of dreary for me. They now mark the beginning of a lonely week in Seattle and the end of a cozy weekend in Vancouver. At least...that's been the case for the last three in succession. If I had my way, I'd spend every free moment in Van...but I suppose that is a bit premature now, isn't it? I have miles to go before that becomes a reality...but I'm working on it.

I am ever so slowly gathering the pieces of my life, drafting bits of myself and stringing together evidence of my romance with Patrick. It's a difficult undertaking, to say the least. How many people can say that they can easily recap the last ten years of their lives, leaving no minute interval unaccounted for? And how many relationships can withstand the nit-picking that is required to somehow demonstrate their validity? I'd be blatantly lying if I claimed not to be considerably overwhelmed. It's intimidating. More so than anything I've ever faced.

It's not just a simple's a thorough review of my life. All my idiosynchrasies...every change of plans...every spur of the moment move and shift in lifestyle. As I attempt to put it all on paper...I can't help but feel a bit humiliated by my own history. I seem so...flighty and retrospect.

I suppose I can only hope that my application will be judged on the strength of my relationship with Patrick, rather than historical stability of character. I'm sure that my continuous search for what makes me happy is really quite commonplace and nothing to scoff at. Yet I can't help but feel ever so slightly bashful about revealing all the little details to some faceless, nameless someone at the Canadian Consulate.

Regardless...I am making progress. In fact, I am almost done. Amazingly enough, all that remains are logistical details. I've written the romance novel that is Patrick and I, confirmed the absence of criminal records with both the FBI and the California Department of Justice, gathered nearly all of the required all I have to do is tie up loose ends and pass a medical exam. That...and cross my fingers.

Most amazing of all...or, perhaps not so surprising...Patrick and I are still thriving. Last weekend was quite enjoyable, as always. As fate would have it, we found ourselves in awe, seated in the audience at Cirque Du Soliel's 'Quidam' on Saturday night...thanks to Patrick's Mum and generous older brother! :) Once again...I'm a damn lucky girl. I would pontificate on the endless things I admire about Patrick, but I think I've already made my adoration abundantly well-known. I'll spare you all the reitteration... ;)