Gypsy girl...

For those who don't already know, I am flying to Malaysia September 3rd, meeting up with my lovely Patrick Douglas and traveling throughout Southeast Asia!!

As a means to that end, I am presently without a I will be for the next two months. Paying rent in this ridiculously expensive county just wasn't conducive to saving the necessary funds,'s back to the gypsy life.

As much as I dislike not having a home base...I am incredibly lucky to have a strong support system. I will never have to worry about finding a place to rest my head. Between my beautiful friends and generous family...I will always be taken care of in that regard. For that...I am eternally grateful. My little fairy friend, Liz has been kind enough to loan me her comfy bed for the past week! Cozy and warm...

I have been fortunate enough to find a few house-sitting gigs as well. I begin a new one today...thanks to Christy, one of my dearest friends. (Olivejuice!)

Caring for homes provides a few extra dollars and the occasional private moment. Although, it is a slightly awkward thing to have such a candid glimpse into the raw humanity of strangers. It's like I'm pushing myself through a peephole and finding myself surrounded by the carelessness of other people's lives. It's all the little things that are normally swept aside...covered up. Old, forgotten food in the fridge...dirty laundry stuffed beneath the bed...wilting, neglected plants in dusty corners...naughty magazines hidden beneath mattresses(it's true! I once found quite the graphic porno mag when making a bed!)

I am nothing but thankful, however. Regardless of the discomfort that comes with temporarily implanting myself in these homes. There are also pleasant little suprises that make it all worthwhile. A one around to hear me play...the space to finally write a new song. Cable internet access...allowing middle of the night chats with an impossibly distant love. A quiet place to go 'home' to...after a 14 hour work day.

To further complicate my present lifestyle, I have recently picked up a second full-time job waiting tables at a nice little italian restaurant. So...I crunch numbers at the Country Club by day...and push pasta at Milano's by night. It's not quite so crazy as it seems though, as one job is sedentary...while the other definitely is not!

Somehow, despite the current instability of my life...I seem to be successfully maintaining my sanity. Although I'm not quite sure how that's possible. I'm sure there are those that would argue!

Check back with me mid-August and I may very well be singing a different tune. ;)